What’s up, Duck?

Duck Holiday chats to friends

Duck Holiday chats to friends

Duck Holiday is a well-travelled type. One of Europe’s leading mallard intellectuals, the polyglot duck is able to quack in thirty European languages.

Naturally enough, Duck Holiday likes scenic rivers and lakes, but is also a lover of culture, from literature (J G Mallard) to art (Joseph Mallard William Turner). His favourite river in Europe is the Danube and he particularly takes pleasure in relaxing at Lake Balaton as well as visiting friends and relatives around the world.

He also enjoys good food and is partial to a glass of oatmeal stout. An all-round sportsduck, he enjoys swimming, water-skiing, duckball and cricket, though he accepts that his batting is a weakness.

Duck Holiday likes music, too. His favourite bands are Ducks Deluxe, Duck To Feelgood (‘Duck in the Night’) and, of course, Half Man Half Duck.

Duck Holiday's lady friend, 'Big Bill Kate'

Duck Holiday’s lady friend, ‘Big Bill Kate’

English  Mallard

French  Col vert

Italian  Germano reale

German  Stockente

Dutch  Wilde eend

Russian  кряква

Spanish  ánade

Greek  αγριόπαπια

Portuguese  Pato-real

Swedish  Gräsand

Turkish  Yaban ördeği

Romanian  Rata salbatica

Bulgarian  Зеленоглавата патица

Croatian  Gluhara

Serbian  Дивља патка

Norwegian  Stokkand

Icelandic  Stokkönd

Czech  Kachna divoká

Hungarian  Vadkacsa

Estonian  Sinikael-part

Latvian  Meza pile

Danish  Gråand

Finnish  Heinäsorsa

Slovakian  Kacica diva

Lithuanian  Didžioji antis

Polish  Kaczka krzyżówka

Slovenian  Mlakarica

Ukrainian  Крижень

Welsh  Hwyaden Wyllt

Belarusian  Крыжанка

Catalan  Ànec collverd

A friend of Duck Holiday prepares to go out

A friend of Duck Holiday prepares to go out

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