Who we are

Tom Locke, ex-civil (occasionally) servant and sometime writer and Catherine Walsh, ex-arts development person and all-round musician.

What this site isn’t

This site does not purport to be in any way comprehensive and is never intended to be. There are plenty of sites and books out there that will give you all sorts of information and there is no point whatsoever in trying to compete with these.

What this site is

It is, we hope, a jolly whizz around a few places, mainly in Eastern Europe, but not necessarily restricted to that area. Most of the destinations were visited for three or four-night city breaks and that is one reason they cannot be comprehensive. The idea is to provide an idea of the character of a place and throw in a few of the slightly odder aspects. En route, there may even be a little bit of useful information.

There is no intended audience, other than those who are interested; any place is there for anybody to visit and where they choose to stay is their own choice. The trips related here took place on a fairly limited budget and no 5-star hotels were involved.

Why Duck Holiday?

Apart from the obvious pun on ‘Doc’ Holliday, there is an in-joke at work here. During a trip to Romania, it seemed reasonable to photograph a mallard, who naturally enough, became known as Duckula. The tradition of mallard photography has been continued and a special effort is made on every trip to find a suitable duck.


Life in the Sauna: diary of a VSO volunteer (New Generation Publishing)

The King (Roundfire Books)

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