A Quick (Beer) Trip to Yorkshire

Yorkshire has a veritable heap of breweries, some long-established and many new. Just working your way around a few of them could prove a lengthy project, but here’s a small taster of what the Duck Holiday team have tried.

Black Sheep Bitter (3.8%)

Black Sheep was established in 1992 by Paul Theakston when the Theakston brewery sold out to the giant Scottish and Newcastle, hence the rather sardonic name. Their bitter is a good example of a solid Yorkshire bitter, with plenty of hops and a bitter finish. It’s a thoroughly reliable session beer and can be bought in mini-kegs. Morrison’s sell it from time to time, though we haven’t seen it recently.

Abbeydale Hopback Bobek (3.8%)

Abbeydale brewery, based in Sheffield, began in 1996. They sell a range of beers from their online shop and this one is a quaffing pale ale with a decent sharp bitterness in the finish. The name comes from the Slovenian Bobek hop, which gives a rather lemon and floral tang to the beer.

Abbeydale Dr Morton’s Mandarin Claw of Death (4.1%)

Oh, come on, how could one not try something with a daft name like this? The name is something of a misnomer, as it implies a beer that is, shall we say, a little on the powerful side. In fact, it’s a fairly gentle ale and at least one part of its name gives the game away. The Bavarian Mandarina hops impart a subtle orange flavour, but there is good bitterness throughout and it’s a refreshing and pleasant ale.

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