Grin and Beer it

Moving north in Norfolk leads us to Woodforde’s, which began operations in the early 1980s. Their online shop sells a sizeable range of bottled beers and a limited number of mini-keg ales. However, their choice, while narrow, contains some very pleasing choices.

Wherry (3.7%)

The aroma suggests a malty bitter, but this is rather misleading (happily for this taster, who is not a fan of overly malty brews). There is a grain, biscuity feel to the beer and a satisfying hoppy finish. A very tasty, very drinkable and surprisingly complex session beer

Bure Gold (4.3%)

As the name suggests, a pale beer with notably orange characteristics. There is a good hop tang and a fruity sweetness. A good beer for a summer evening, but not to be sniffed at on any other evening, either.

Nelson’s Revenge (4.5%)

Unlike with Wherry, the initial malt aroma does not deceive. Not, I would have to concede, a beer that I enjoyed greatly, but as will be evident by now, malty beers are not my thing. There is little bitterness and a fair deal of malty sweetness. Those who like their beer on the sweet side will doubtless reach a very different conclusion than mine.

Norfolk Nog (4.6%)

This is a beer that is hard, if not impossible, to classify. It’s a dark, though not black, ale, perhaps somewhere between a strong mild and a lighter-strength porter. There is a liquorice hint reminiscent of many dark beers, but also a distinct plumminess. That gives it a gentle sweetness, but there is a constant and pleasing bitterness throughout. A really lovely and unusual ale.

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