The Joy of Beer

In these times, “travel” involves little more than a walk in the immediate vicinity. Time, then, to turn our attention to other things and what better things are there than beer?

The internet has a lot to answer for. Well, perhaps we should say that certain internet users have a lot to answer for. There are, it seems, masses of people who feel the need to spout hatred and division, lies and disinformation. Some of these people are heads of state.

Happily, the internet has its positive side. One such is that we can now obtain things from all sorts of places, stuff that you probably would only have obtained when on holiday or travelling around. Stuff like beer.

There are plenty of generalist and specialist beer retailers around and a few are very good. However, it tends to be the case that buying directly from breweries if often the best option. This is one good reason for using the direct route, along with the simple fact that it provides important help to independent breweries in difficult times.

It seems only fair, then, to start a small series looking at some of the fine beer that is available. A personal preference is for mini-kegs and mini-pins as opposed to bottles and cans. A five-litre keg, or a five or ten-litre mini-pin allows one to have a good sample of a beer. It’s not exactly what you would get in a pub, but it’s the closest you come.

The plan is to cover some of the beer enjoyed in the (fictional) Mallard Tavern over the course of the last few months. We have sampled brews from Adnam’s, Hook Norton, West Berkshire, Yeovil Ales, Allendale, Tyne Bank, Hadrian and Border, St Andrews and a few others.

Beer, like art, is a personal taste. Different people like different styles and tastes. The “reviews” that will follow are, necessarily, down to personal taste. Just because I, or anyone else, doesn’t particularly like one beer does not mean that the beer is bad. So what you will see are purely personal opinions, which are merely there to inform and, one hopes, provide a little inspiration.

Happy drinking!

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