Thoughts from a Duck Island

It is, of course, possible that there are one or two people living in deep subterranean caves that are oblivious to what is happening in the world just now. Most of us, I suspect, are aware that travel is not really something we can undertake right now, or indeed likely to undertake for some considerable time.

This is a slightly roundabout way of saying, “Don’t expect to see much new content on here.” There may be the odd post – possibly very odd – of a retro nature to keep us going, but for now, Duck Holiday is largely confined to the safety of Duck Island.

We can, though, offer a few thoughts on the present predicament. If nothing else, we have proved beyond reasonable doubt that there is a vast vacuum in political leadership. How many of our leaders wildly underestimated the nature of the problem? Well, just about all of them.

In the UK, we seem to be faring worse than most countries. Again, there was a colossal underestimation of the situation. We are still not really any the wiser as to just how bad things are. What is certain is that we are losing health service workers at a quite alarming rate.

One of the standard lines trotted out is that “this virus does not discriminate.” Yes, it does. It discriminates against the elderly, the poor and the doctors, nurses and other NHS people who have not been supplied with the proper equipment. A woeful lack of funding is behind this. The people who are now shouting “Protect our NHS” the loudest are the very same people who sought to weaken, if not destroy it.

The whole Brexit fiasco was built on xenophobia. The last election had no need for a Brexit Party or the odious Farage; the Conservatives had already adopted his loathsome agenda. Who, after all, boasted of a “hostile environment” for immigrants? Yet look at the figures. The vast majority of NHS workers who have lost their lives come from other countries. These people are now being hailed as heroes.

Our Prime Minister thanks the NHS for saving his life. He even makes a special point of singling out two nurses. Neither of these nurses are British. The NHS desperately depends on people from all around the world. The PM also states that he “cannot thank them enough.” Well, you could. You could ensure that the NHS is returned to being the wonderful organisation it once was. You could also ensure that the people who work for it are fairly rewarded. It would be a start.

Is it too much to hope that we might just emerge from all this with a kinder society? Possibly it is. One of the dismal things we’ve observed is the race to the bottom for the Britain’s Most Unpleasant Businessperson Award. Naturally, Mike Ashley was quickly off the mark, rapidly pursued by Tim Martin. Predictably, Philip Green didn’t take long to get his bid underway and Richard Branson, while joining rather late, has made a spirited effort. And just to ensure that it’s not all men, Karren Brady has made her own charmless contribution.

One day, we hope, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s just hope it’s not an oncoming train. Meanwhile, the Duck Holiday team can only hope that everyone stays safe and well. It’s going to be a long haul.

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